Hart Global Training Institute

Hart Global Training Institute [HGTI], a subsidiary of Hart Global Management Group, offers the best in standardized test preparation and training.  Its experienced staff provides comprehensive and complete instruction to small classes, and one-on-one for those who prefer that pedagogy, with a plan to inculcate each trainee with the best analytic tools needed to answer questions.  Clients are taught how to analyze and reduce questions to an understandable level for use in any testing situation, whereby the Client can discover the correct answer in any word or mathematical test problem hypothesis.


H.I.M (History In Motion) Initially was established in May 2008. Since then H.I.M. has redeveloped itself into a mature brand for the modern day man. H.I.M. offers their clients tailored shirts, pants, jackets and suits at the best price available. You chose your fabric, style and design and H.I.M. tailors will complete your vision. www.yourhartcontent.com 

Direct Hair Solutions

Direct Hair Solutions is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America. We deliver the finest human hair and beauty products to our clients globally. We offer high quality products at affordable prices which makes us THE BEST Company for your hair solutions.

Good Eats

Good Eats was established on September 1, 2012 as a subsidiary of Hart Global Management Group. Good Eats mission is to provide great customer service, quality food and increase cultural awareness by offering one global dish monthly from outside the traditional American culture. Since its establishment, Good Eats has found itself providing endless service to the United States Marine Corps units in Tampa, Florida and San Diego, California of the United States of America.