Capability Statement

In partnership with Texas Southern University, Hart Global helps organizations equip their people with the needed skills to achieve and sustain transformational impact.
We believe an organization’s capabilities are the most important competitive differentiator today. Organizations chart their path to the next normal in the future. With TSU, our University programs help build a center of excellence to help organizations build scale capabilities to drive change. We focus on building capacity that enables strong leadership teams, enterprise-wide transformations, and performance improvements in functional topics such as digital, agile, sales, and operations. Our programs help the entire organization from top-down! We understand our clients’ business objectives and organizational contexts. Together, we can work with you to build capacity building programs that directly tie to drivers of value and support their broader transformations efforts.
    We help organizations accelerate performance and unlock value through leadership development and capability building at scale, in the following areas: 

    • Ability to Execute 
    • Digital Transformation 
    • Operations
    • Leadership
    • Growth 
    • Defense-Government 


    Our Approach

    Our programs focus on sustaining transformational change. We do this by building capabilities and changing day-to-day mindsets and behaviors through a broad range of techniques, including digital and virtual programs, expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations. This approach helps individuals acquire new mindsets and skills, apply them in real work, and build new habits that drive and sustain lasting change.


    • Amass
      • In-person and virtual workshops 
      • Digital learning 
      • Experiential go and sees 
      • Expert coaching 
    • Administer 
      • Performance support, including job aide, tools, and templates
      • Individual and team assignments 
      • Peer learning teams 
      • Sponsor and manager coaching 
    • Preserve 
      • Fieldwork initiatives 
      • Reinforcement, including nudges, reminders, and microlearning 


    Our Assets



    • Seamless multi-device experience platform, including gamification, social learning, reinforcements, and learner dashboards 


    Experiential Learning 

    • Global capability centers, models factories, immersive experience studios, go-and-see visits, and all-inclusive learning campuses around the globe


    Offering and Content 

    • In-person and digital modules, as well as standardized assessments and mini-programs 


    Expert Team

    • Hundred of learning design and delivery consultants, instructional designers, program managers, operations experts, and change facilitators worldwide.


    Black Leadership Academy 

    Executive Programs