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We collaborate with project owners and investors to pair capital with viable projects. Our team provides a unique combination of project development and financial expertise, relationships with stakeholders, and uses tools and data to help us serve you as a trusted partner. Our capital project ventures focus on helping bridge the gap between infrastructure and needs by convening the right parties and collaborating to establish viable projects where investors can be confident. 

How We Do It

Our team uses models to help our clients sources, develop projects and pipelines, accelerate project development, match projects to financing, and build delivery consortiums. Our service models can include establishing partnership models. These distinctive approaches enable us to provide consultation services as we delayed compensation or fees linked to the project success – which relieves developmental stages and pressure on cash-flow and aligns our financial incentives with those of our clients. 

We serve as your partner throughout the entire process of project development, including: 

  • Projects Sourcing. We conduct analyst of subsectors and geographies of interest and develop bespoke opportunities to help our clients source opportunities and develop the Project. 
  •  Investors Sourcing. We help our clients make their ideas bankable with a clear value proposition. Finally, we identify and map potential investors, facilitate introductions, and develop information and materials needed to support investor engagement. 
  • Project Financing Solution. We help the owners identify the optimal strategy to raise financing for their Project using our internal crowdfunding solution or external assets development tools to help finance the owner's needs. 
  • We are accelerating the Project. We offer targeted initiatives and long-term support to optimize project spend and operations, prioritize investments across the portfolio, accelerate delivery by working alongside you, building your team's capabilities, and serving as project managers. 
  • Building Consortiums. We can help and participate as a member of the consortium. 
  • Support. We will provide due diligence, developing and managing your business model, establishing back-office support and manage third-party vendors, and conduct risk assessments. 
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